Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day!

I know it's been awhile, but the Holidays kept me busy!

It's a snow day for us today! Am I the only Mom that loves snow days as much as the kids?? I love to sit and watch the snow come down. It was so nice to sit by the fireplace yesterday and read a book and watch it fall. I was a little disappointed that the bulk of our snow fell overnight while we were all asleep. But it was great to wake up and discover 9 inches out there, even though we were awakened by the excited 8-year-old neighbor decked out and ready to go in his snowgear!

I really enjoy the kids playing in the snow, coming in for the hot chocolate and the feeling of being cocooned all cozy in our house. I don't enjoy them tracking it all inside much, but you have to have a little down with your ups. So, my girls, with bellies full of pancakes, headed out into the great white yonder and I haven't seen them since. There are snow forts to be built and hills to sled.

I'm busy on dog snowball patrol. Our dogs collect snowballs in their fur and bring them in undercover on their bellies. I think I have them all cleaned off and half an hour later I'll find a melting snowball in middle of the floor. Stealthy snowballs....

Enjoy the snow day. It's the opportunity to relax and do things you don't normally do. Resist the temptation to hit the floor running and instead, enjoy the childlike wonder of the snow.

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