Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pet Peeves

I have some pet peeves that I would like to write about. We all have them. I thought you might like to hear about a few of mine. Yes, there are more than these few.

I hate it when people say "pitcher" instead of "picture". A pitcher is a water bearing vessel, okay?

It aggravates me when people spend money for personalized license plates and then put the type and/or color of car they are driving on them. I can already see that on the back of your car. RED GTO--no kidding?? I'm not sure I could have figured that out unless you spent the extra $45 to advertise it on your bumper.

It bothers me when people chew with their mouth open. Do we really need to see your food being processed for digestion?

I hate it when people do private grooming rituals in public, i.e. combing your hair, flossing, or clipping your fingernails. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. I once sat through an adult Sunday School class with a "gentleman" clipping his fingernails behind me. I can only imagine where all those clippings were going. In my hair, I'm sure. If he started to take off his shoes I was going for his throat. There is a reason that a bathroom is a small room with a door. It's meant for privacy. One person. Alone.

I hate it when my husband clinks his spoon against his bowl. He does this eating ice cream or cereal. Do you really need to scrap the cereal bowl clean? Clink, clink, clink.... He's a decent guy. I love him. He takes good care of me and our children, but this little ritual makes me want to take that spoon and stick it in his nose. He knows this. That is why he has trained each of our children to do it as well.

And here are a few more to end on....

Feet. (thanks Dad) I just don't like them.
Misspelled words while typing. Spellcheck, people.
Tailgaters. Not the football game kind, but the kind that ride your butt on the highway because you are going too slow for them. Again, might be directed at my husband.

I just need to vent once in awhile. Pet Peeves. We all have them!

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