Friday, November 2, 2007

I'm a writer....

I enjoy writing and telling stories. Having said that, I should say that I also like to add details to make more stories more interesting. My mother would call it "embellishing" my stories. My oldest calls it "lying". She's pretty harsh. I call it "being Feliciaous" (that's my name, get it?) I was telling a story the other day when my daughter stopped me and said, "Mom, that's not exactly how it happened. She didn't say that! You're lying!" My step-daughter, bless her little heart, stepped in and said, "Lee, Mom is a writer (much emphasis on writer).. She adds details to her stories to make them more interesting." See, she gets me!

Anyway, I like to add more depth and detail to a story. It's not about me! It's all about entertaining the listener or reader, correct? I mean if I told you that I met the most interesting little Irish lady yesterday at the hospital where I volunteer, that's okay, but a little boring. But if I tell you that when I came into her room, she was sitting in her wee little chair wearing a little plaid housecoat with a cute little gray bun right on top of her head and that she just looked as fun as a little leprechaun, and then she said "Top of the morning to ya!" that's much more interesting, isn't it? Okay, she really didn't say that. I was just being "Feliciaous". But she did have a plaid housecoat and a bun, okay?

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