Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Have A Crop Circle In My Backyard!

Yes, there is a crop circle in my backyard! No, I don't think it was made by celestial beings, although I certainly believe that God did make other universes and there ARE aliens out there somewhere. My Dad always wanted to be an astronaut, but unfortunately his eyesight was too bad, so he had to settle for aerospace engineer and savor each and every issue of Aviation Weekly. Our family vacations were centered around space launches. So needless to say, he instilled a healthy belief of other-worldly beings in me!

However, MY crop circle is the home-made kind. Yep, we did it ourselves. We had one of those wonderful, huge inflatable pools in the back yard all summer. It was great for the kids. They loved it! When we set it up we read the usual warnings on the box....Don't swim while blow-drying your hair......Swim in the appropriate attire. Just because you are in YOUR back yard, doesn't mean no one can see you....., but I swear that no place on the box did it mention leaving behind a smelly crop circle. Oh yea, it's a given that it was going to kill the grass, but they don't mention the smell that is left behind from dead suffocated grass and wet mud. It's a cross between a dairy farm and that stuff you spray on your flowers to keep the rabbits from eating them. It's very lovely drifting across the deck to you on a nice fall breeze! I'm sure the neighbors are impressed.

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